We are receiving reports of Users in Quicken for Windows and Mac receiving a CC-502/102 or Unknown Type error when updating or adding accounts with Chase.  

These errors are typically temporary and can be caused by site maintenance or changes and will generally resolve themselves within 24-48 hours.

Please do not perform a deactivate/reactivate of the affected accounts as this process will not resolve this error and may result in the Unknown Type error occurring instead.

Quicken for Windows Users please follow the steps found at https://www.quicken.com/support/error-when-updating-accounts-cc-502, if the error persists for longer than 48 hours please contact Quicken Support and reference Alert A-0269.

Quicken for Mac Users please allow 24-48 hours and attempt to update or add accounts once more, if the error persists please contact Quicken Support and reference Alert A-0269 for further investigation.

To be notified when this issue is resolved, please 'follow' this announcement.

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We are receiving reports of users reaching CC-503/103 when attempting to download transactions from Capital One Card - Current.

While this error message typically indicates password issues, this particular issue requires deactivation and reactivation of your Capital One Card - Current accounts. To deactivate your accounts, please follow the steps outlined here: https://www.quicken.com/support/deactivate-online-banking-services-quicken-account.

Once every account with Capital One Card - Current is deactivated, please follow these steps to reactivate the accounts:

1. Within Quicken, click Tools > Add Account.
2. Select the account type.
3. Select Capital One Card - Current.
4. Enter your Capital One username and password.
5. Click Connect.

Quicken should discover all accounts linked to your username and password with the financial institution, allowing you to Add, Link, or Ignore each account. For all existing accounts (the accounts you already track in Quicken), please be sure to Link to the existing account's nickname. This will prevent duplicated accounts and incorrect balances.

If this issue persists, please contact Quicken Support and reference Alert A-0270 for further investigation.

To be notified when this issue is resolved, please 'follow' this announcement.

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What if I don't receive a verification code?

First, when you have chosen the delivery option for your verification code, make certain you click Continue to have the code sent.

If you've had the code emailed to you, check your junk or spam folders - it's possible that the verification code was sent there. If the email isn't there, and you don't receive a text, you may have to verify your account information:

  1. Go to Quicken.com and click Sign In > My Account.
  2. Click View Prior Purchases.
  3. Log in again when prompted (use the same username and password as step 1).
  4. Click on View/Edit next to Account Information.
  5. Next to your email address, click Verify.
  6. You'll then receive an email to verify your account.
  7. After your account is verified, try resending the verification code from Quicken.

Is the 2018 Release of Quicken a subscription product?

The 2018 release of Quicken is a subscription product. The subscription is designed so that you never go through the upgrade process again. In addition to Online Services, such as downloading transactions from your bank or syncing to your mobile device, you'll also automatically receive new Quicken features, versions, and services as part of your Quicken subscription, so you'll always have the newest product. Quicken offers subscriptions for one and two year terms. Subscriptions for Quicken Premier and Quicken Home, Business, & Rental Property include free Bill Pay, Online Backup, and Premium Support access.

Will the 2018 Release of Quicken convert my existing Quicken data?

Yes. The 2018 Release works just the same as previous Quicken products; after you install the 2018 Release on your computer, you'll be prompted to convert your existing Quicken file to the new version. If you prefer, you can also start a brand new Quicken file.


don’t use any online services and I don’t download transactions—do I still need to create a Quicken ID?

Even if you don't use online banking in Quicken, you will need to connect at least once to create the Quicken ID, as the Quicken ID is also used to register your software. After you’ve created your Quicken ID and logged in, you can use Quicken offline if needed

Can I download from either Quicken's Direct Connect or Web Connect?

We support Quicken's Direct Connect only. Direct Connect allows you to download transactions directly into Quicken without logging on to your account

What version of Quicken do I need?

We support downloads for Quicken versions currently supported by Quicken/Intuit. Please note that Quicken Basic does not support 401(k) or 403(b) retirement accounts.

How much data is available for download?

On your first download, Quicken will download the last 90 days worth of transactions. Subsequent downloads will only include new transactions.

Where can I find the ticker symbols for my AUL Retirement Services investment options?

There are no ticker symbols associated with your investment options because they are not publicly traded. This field can be left blank within Quicken.

Which devices are supported by the Quicken mobile app?

Quicken mobile app supports iOS 8.0 or higher (iPhone and iPad) and Android 3.0 or higher (phone and tablet) devices. Windows and Blackberry devices are not supported at this time.

Error OL-301/297 or CC-501/101 when attempting to add or update Bank accounts

After you verify your account on Bank of America’s website, you can return to Quicken and attempt to update or add your account again, and you should no longer receive the error.

Unable to download transactions with Quicken 2017 for Mac v.4.6.6

Once you have the OFX or QFX file downloaded there are two ways to import it into Quicken:

1) In Quicken, menu File > Import Bank or Brokerage File and then point the file opening dialog to the OFX/QFX file in your downloads folder.

2) Double click the file in the Downloads folder. This should open Quicken if your Mac's file associations are correct and some other application is not set to open this file type.

When attempting to use online services in Quicken for Windows or Quicken for Mac, you may see this warning message:

This message is a legitimate message from Quicken, instructing you to update to the latest free product release in order to create your Quicken ID and continue using Quicken.  Please update your Quicken when you see this message.

Unable To Open Quicken After Updating To The Latest Release

To fix this issue:

First, try opening Quicken in Silent Mode.

  1. To do this, hold Ctrl + Shift on your keyboard and double-click the Quicken icon. Quicken should open with a blank screen.
  2. If this occurs, there may been an issue with the data file that's keeping Quicken from opening properly. Follow these steps to Restore a backup file.
  3. Then, Validate the restored backup file by going to File > File Operations > Validate and Repair
  4. Check Validate file and click OK

One Step Update Let’s You:

  • Eliminate duplicate transactions
  • Reconcile data automatically
  • Eliminate manual entries
  • Multiple accounts can be updated at once

Quicken One Step Setup

  • Open Quicken Toolbar, under tools select ‘Add Account’.
  • Follow the provided setup instructions.
  • Enter Credit Union name when prompted.
  • Member number and password for the online banking is asked.
  • Finally, upload transactions into Quicken, follow the instructions to complete the verification of the account.

The reason to choose Quicken is the main services provided by our team members:-

  • Transfer among multiple devices
  • Resolving Cloud related issues
  • Resolving Mobile app related issues
  • Issues related to .Net framework
  • Data Conversion from windows to mac device
  • Latest patches and services upgrades
  • File Conversion from QuickBooks to Quicken
  • Quicken backup utility-related issues
  • Issues related to Reports & checks
  • Issues related to Quicken is not opening
  • Issues related Banking
  • Highly trained, qualified and experienced professionals to handle issues
  • Financial analysis software, file password recovery/removal
  • Installation and Removal of New Product
  • Load Quicken on multiple devices
  • Reset or removal of Intuit Id password
  • New Intuit id setup
  • Data file conversion from old to new version
  • Creating Quicken Reports for Tax purpose
  • Issues related to Fixing to print in Quicken
  • Resolving unexpected Quicken errors

These are some of the highlighted services provided by Quicken team. Apart from these, some more services are provided to our customers. In USA & Canada Quicken program, these issues are common. If there is any other issues related to the product, then don’t shy away to contact our team